\\ˈ ̷ ̷ˈ ̷ ̷\ transitive verb
: to fasten with or apply Scotch tape to

cracked window had been neatly scotch-taped — Richard Wormser

* * *

/skoch"tayp"/, v.t., Scotch-taped, Scotch-taping.
to fasten or mend with Scotch tape.
[1950-55; after the trademark]

* * *

1. a very thin, transparent or opaque adhesive tape for mending, patching, and sealing.
2. Trademark. any one of several kinds of transparent or opaque adhesive tapes.
scotch-tape «SKOCH TAYP», transitive verb, -taped, -tap|ing.
to mend, patch, or seal with Scotch tape: »

Scotch-taping the family's finger painting on the kitchen walls... (New York Times).

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